Boston Marathon 2011
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. . . well wonder no more. Our big plan had been to take the train to Wellsley and see Keely run past. I had it timed to the minute, and things started to go a little wonky when we were directed to the scary part of the train station.

The ticket dude had said "Get on the 12:15 train on Track 5" so that's what we did. Hmmm, in retrospect, the train looks suspiciously empty.

That's because we were on the train going the wrong way (the correct track was Track 7) and we ended up at the end of the line at the South Boston station. "Don't worry - another train will be along in 40 minutes." Effing great. While I wandered around, I saw this place, a fast food joint that only sells grilled cheese sandwiches - for $3.79! Really, America? Is this what we've come to?

Well, we got to Wellsley all right, about 5 minutes before the last runner passed through. Notice the women in cammo coiling up the Do Not Cross rope? We did get to see some runners, though - and certainly not those in the 'elite' class, that's for sure.

Back to Keely: She was just entering Newton, home of the dreaded Newton Hills, three hills certain to break your heart.

The hills are so legendary they even have sidewalk art.

The hills are done, and Boston College pulls out the stops in celebration. Keely said some of the people were a tad tipsy there.

And on to Boston itself, where the spectators thronged against the barriers.

She's just run 40Km and she's still smiling like a demon. Go, baby, go! That CITGO sign on the left means you are getting close.

Whoo hoo! Good for her. Her official numbers: Time: 4:08:12 (h/min/sec) for a pace of 9:28 per mile. She was 17661 of 26907 runners, 6764 of 11462 females, and 969 of 1810 for her division.

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