Boston Marathon 2011
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Keely wasn't scheduled to start until 10:40, so she stayed bundled up and took in some sights.

There is incredible support for this event. These are just average citizens, donating time, food, and materials to the runners.

As it got closer to start time, people began to shed their extra clothes..

And they are off! Keely's Boston Marathon has begun.

As I said, there is a lot of support for this event. People lined the race route.

Ha! Don't be fooled for a second. .

Nice shot of thousands of water cups discarded in front of some old church. Keely takes very artistic pictures, don't she?

These guys were bouncing on trampolines. Why? I dunno - let's call it "tradition," shall we?

And now Keely enters the town of Wellsley - famous for the Screaming Girls of Wellsley College.

And there they are, complete with "Kiss me" signs. You might be wondering what Keely's parents and I were doing at this time . . .

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