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Methods of sheeting the mainsail
Here are some various sheeting methods for controlling your main sail. Not shown is simply holding the mainsheet in your hand - some people feel that makes the sail 'too responsive' to the wind and you are less able to maintain a constant angle on your sail. I sail my Puddle Duck Racers this way - simple and straightforward.

I have never tried having a block on the tiller. Some peole say it is the easiest thing in the world, you just put a swivel block (pulley) on the tiller over the pintles (pivot point for the rudder), tie the mainsheet to the end of te boom, run it through the block, and then to your hand.

I have used the sheet horse method. The sheet horse can be a separate line or a rod - like a piece of plumbing pipe. The traveler is usually 2 blocks connected with a swivel. The traveler runs back and forth along the horse while the mainsheet runs from the end of the boom through the upper block and then to your hand.

I don't know what this last method is, but I have seen it used on many production sailboats. I use a slightly more complex version on my 17ft Weekender.

All these methods work. The more blocks you have between the boom and your hand, the more control you have on your sail.