The One Day PDR

This design is NOT intended for you to make an heirloom boat that will last ages and be handed down through the generations. It is quick and dirty and will result in a boat that costs more and is heavier than if you just take a little bit of time and build a PDR the right way.

PLEASE: Do yourself a favor and order Micheal Storer's OZ Puddle Duck Racer plans. It wi;l be the best $20 you ever spend. You'll learn more about building high quality boats from those plans than any others I have ever seen.

Now, the One Day PDR does have a purpose: as a stunt. It does result in a boat that will sail, and with planning, you can go from pre-cut lumber on Saturday morning to sailing on Sunday morning. BUT IT TAKES A LOT OF WORK AND PLANNING.

THIS IS NOT A 'FIRST TIME BUILDER' PROJECT. I do not recommend this design as your first build. It is a STUNT - an attention grabber, a trick.

That said: It does work. You do get a boat that sails well, is stable, cannot be sunk, is PD Racer class legal, and can be done in a day.