I need to put a motor mount on my Weekender. I plan on doing a lot of salt water sailing, so I need either aluminim or stainless steel. I have a friend with the capability to weld stainless, so that settles that. I don't want to pay $150 for a mount that can raise/lower. I need it, and I really don't

I paid $2.50 per pound for stainless steel stock at a local scrap yard. I had to dig though the piles to get the pieces I wanted, and the scrap yard does not do any cutting, soI ended up with a 6x30 piece of 3/16 plate and a 27 inch piece of 2 1/5 inch pipe with 1/8inch walls.

I have now have a Honda 4-stroke 2hp motor what weighs 28lbs. It needs to be 12 inches away from the transom to rotate it up and out of the water when not in use (which should be often - it is a sailboat, after all)

The angled part will be bolted to the transom and the flat part will be bolted to a piece of wood. I will shape the flat part to minimize weight and such.

I hope it works. I will not have the motor mounted while I have the boat trailered and am in transit.