Launch and Naming Ceremony
June 8, 2019

Got the name on, but it has to be covered until after the ceremonies. For omnipotent gods of sea and air, they seem to get confused really easily. I got the letters from Lettering on the Cheap, but it wasn't really that cheap.

Fern Ridge is the biggest lake in the Willamette Valley (I think.) It's about 54 miles and 80 minutes away from home. Nice ramps, bathrooms, $4 day use fee.

Light, light winds in the morning. When I launched, I was surprised at how sloppy she felt, wallowing and and turning like a pig on ice. Then I remembered to lower the keel and she stiffened right up and snapped right to.

John had organized a nice little messabout. That's his Bolger Shoebox in the foreground.

I didn't bring the outboard for this trip, so when the wind freshened a bit, I sailed away from the dock and went on a little tootle on the lake. That's the Triton Yacht Club over there.

I'd forgotten my GPS and don't know how fast I was going, but she'd kick up her heels and scoot in winds 5-8 knots. It's fun the learn the language of your boat - the sounds she makes at different speeds, how the tiller feels, etc.

It was a beautiful day at sea.

The wind had shifted around to the north, so I decided to the upon the south side of the dock. It was a little tight back there, and I impressed the people on the dock with my maneuvering. Little did they know I just whipped the boat around and hoped I wouldn't crash.

That lady on the end of the dock, in blue? Her name is Terry.

It was time for the naming ceremony so I donned my silly hat (Mouse Ears with a Capt. Jack Sparrow theme) The aforementioned Terry is taking the pictures.

I used Trader Joe's Boatswain H. L. V. ale. I figured my boat'd be lifting my fat a$$, so it seemed fitting.

I flubbed the lines a bit, had to ask which way was north, that kind of thing, but it went well. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the Good Girl.

After the ceremony, I took her out again. The wind would gust into the low teens, but only on the gusts. Good Girl is a sweet little sailer.

I'd read these boats round up when overpowered, so I kept the sheets in tight. For science, don't you know? Sure enough, I caught a good gust and let go the tiller, she popped right around. The rest of the time, I was seeing how far I could get her to heel. She'd lay over nice if I kept my hand on the tiller - and not much pressure, either. I'd like to get a couple other people and see if I can bury a rail.

This is a nice little boat. Good Girl is a little sweetheart.