Klickitat Canoe - the Homecoming
May 8, 2018

One coworker said he had a canoe he wanted to get rid of. Second coworker wanted it, but he is in the process of buying a house and can't take possession. I like canoes, and said I'd take it, diddle around with it, then let second coworker have it when his house deal goes through.

Straight-up bonafide

I'm not sure I like this design. It seems to be asymmetrical, meaning the canoe is intended to travel in one direction (the front seat would be the one on the right side of the picture. While this sounds like a good idea, it means you cannot (easily) paddle the canoe solo. Face it, folks: It's hard enough to get time to go paddling yourself - synching schedules with another person is exponentially harder. A greater sin (in my opinion) is the lack of a center thwart - the canoe cannot be carried (easily) by one person.

Beyond a general cleaning she'll need a little work. No problem - I remember how to do that.

The surface scum comes off fairly easily. Just a little water and elbow grease. Half and half here.

All done.

Scrubbing the insides is harder, but the whole thing was clean in less than an hour. I have to add a center thwart or the boat is useless to me. I might as well remove the other two thwarts as they are just in the way and deadweight. These are fundamental design changes - something I am generally against. "Needs Must" I guess.