2017 Keizer Parade of Lights
December 9, 2017

Now I have a beautiful motorcycle, I want to do something with it - specifically find other like-minded individuals and show it off. I'm having trouble finding other small motorcycle riders, but I did find the Salem Scooter Club, and did the 2017 Keizer Parade of Lights

All parade entries had to have lights. I ordered Fairy Lights off Amazon, and they are GREAT. I got four 16-foot long strings of lights for $15, then spent $16 on AA batteries.

I used safety pins to attach them to my jacket and pants.

For the helmet and bike, I used this Tac n Stick stuff. It worked REALLY well.

I was using an old boat building jacket and pair of insulated pants, so I looked like a Fairy Hobo - with a helmet.

Staging for the parade started before dark, and it was going to take 30 minutes for me to get there - but I was looking sharp.

There's Rocinante all lit up.

And me. Damn, it was cold in the mid 30s.

This is the group photo - 10 scooters - two Buddy, two Ruckus', two Z125s, a Metropolitan, and a couple others. The Z125s are right at the cross point between scooters and motorcycles.

It was really fun - like the most fun I've had in a while. It didn't take long for the Z125 riders did what Z125/Grom/Razkull riders do: Start popping wheelies. The crowd LOVED it - they even made it into the local paper. Little kids kept asking me to do wheelies. I would just smile and shake head.