Wet Weather Riding
Oct 21, 2017

52°, steady rain, gusty wind into the teens. A perfect day for practicing slow speed turns and quick stops. Also for testing my rain gear.

There she is! Rocinante patently waiting for me. I hadn't taken her out in two days because I was sick one day and then couldn't very well drive my motorcycle in to work the next, could I?

For those with questions: That's a Motorcycle Dolly she sits on - makes it easy for me to turn her around in my garage.

There's a un-finished subdivision up the road, all the streets are in, but no houses yet. This is a perfect place to practice as no cars can come in here. Practicing on rain and wet leaves gives me a chance to feel how Rocinante reacts to adverse conditions.

I spent 10 minutes stopping and turning, turning and stopping. Skidded the back wheel once and the front another time, speeds low enough I could hold her up with my feet.

After that, it was time to see how she felt at rural roads speeds. The wind was gusting so it was interesting riding.

That's where fancy-pants pinot comes from, there in the background.

Decided to take a gravel road to see what that felt like. Little Roci was game for it - never complained once, but she's more of a city girl.

That's where Christmas trees come from, there in the background.

There is no such thing as "waterproof" - only varying degrees of water resistance. The jacket leaks through at the belly.

THAT'S an unfortunate spot for seepage. And the boots were simply soaked - even though I have been religiously treating them with Mink Oil. No matter - it's not like this was unexpected.

Little Rocinante gets a rub down after every ride. We are still in the "I love you" "No, I love you!" phase.

Back on her dolly and pointed out the door, ready for our next ride.