Getting to know Her
Oct 6-8, 2017

We've got some pretty good hills heading south from where we live. Lightly traveled roads with just enough traffic to keep things interesting.

For the first time, I branched out of the neighborhood and crossed over Sunnyside. Rocinante really likes the hills - 3rd and 4th to keep it at the speed limit. I turned left on Liberty and sped up to keep ahead of the traffic. Light leans and easy turns and she was doing just fine.

When I got to about 65mph, she started "choking" (for lack of a better word.) She was sputtering like she was running out of gas. I flipped it to Reserve and turned around, but kept it slower. About halfway home I convinced myself that there was no way she was out of gas - simply no way, so I flipped it off of Reserve and headed back out. Again, at about 65mph, she started choking. I headed home.

Getting her first sips from the pump. I had originally thought she needed premium, but on further reading, regular is fine. Too bad ethanol is what we have, so I'll just have to be careful and add stabilizer.

Ah, gorram it! I set the gas cap on the seat and it fell off and broke. A new cap needs a new key - or replace the ignition at the same time.

On Sunday I took her back out. My goal was to get a feel of her at speed and how she handles in different conditions. I did some short stops on leaves and gravel roads.

I also did some cornering. Nothing too hard - I'm not a racer. I just want to get a feel for her.