Andy and Keely go to a Protest
January 21, 2017

I don't believe in protests - especially protests without a defined goal. I especially don't like the idea of protesting elections. One side lost - get your ducks in a row and beat 'em next time around.

That said - newly elected President Trump has made good on his promise of uniting Americans (some of them, at least) and there was a pretty big protest going on here in town, so we decided to see what was happening.

From the steps of the State Capitol, we looked out over the mall and - yep, a fairly impressive crowd. We were there right at the start - a little early, actually.

I fine Oregon day for a protest :)

When I first saw the girl with the sign, I thought she was a Juggalo. I was disappointed, but took her picture, anyway.

We went down into the crowd to see what we could see.

The one on the left had her name on the back of the sign, so when I said " Sandra, Sandra, can you turn around so I can get a picture of your sign?" she was a little freaked. I explained to her mom (who was also a little freaked that some creepy old dude knew her moppet's name) and everyone calmed down.

That's a nice shot of the Pioneer. The mall was about 1/2 full at this point.

There were a lot of dogs - a lot. I love my state.

People kept filing in. Everyone was very kind and polite.

I like a sign that explains the situation and proposes a solution.

I don't even own any poster board. Where do you get it? WalMart?

Times have changed, haven't they?

This lady liked my hat - Keely's hat that I had on loan. She wanted to buy it but I had to politely decline.

The place was filling up fast and I felt we were able to successfully say "I was there" so we packed up and went home. As a Point in History, it was a little dull, but we were there.