A day at the Beach
September 27, 2015

It was time to get away - to take the dogs and go visit Keely's parents at the beach. Mo's, a favorite restaraunt, was closing for the season and we wanted one more bowl of slumgullion.

First stop was the state park in the Van Duzer Corridor - it's about halfway to the coast and makes for a good potty break. Plus, the dogs get to get out and stretch their legs.

As we went through Lincoln City, we saw a family of raccoons (aka: Trash Pandas) crossing the road. You can just barely see the face of one in the shadows.

Just south of Depoe Bay, we saw a bunch of people standing alongside the road, looking at the ocean. This usually means whales, and yup, whales.

I don't think these were the usual humpbacks we see off the Oregon coast. There have been sightings of gray whales, maybe that's what they were. They looked kinda gray to me.

A BEAUTIFUL day at the beach.

Keely and her parents, Jim and Gloria, taking a nice walk.

Beverly Beach has become a spot for surfers - this time, there was a guy on a Stand Up Paddle Board. Those look kind of neat.

Jim sharing a moment with Darling.

There was lots of sniffing opportunities.

This is a great shot of Keely and her parents

We walk to a spot just north of Beverly Beach State Park, Jim used to take his dog, Burgie, here on their walks, so we call this wet spot Burgie Creek.

Keely, Aurora, and Darling.

Sea lion skull. We found more of it's skeleton - ribs and vertabra - up the beach a ways.

The view from the little park at the Devil's Punchbowl.

Eating at Mo's. Good food, good fun.

Jim and I took a stroll around the park at the Punchbowl, then we wraped things up and headed back to the house and, eventually, home.

If the day wasn't fun enough already, that night was the Blood Moon. Sometimes I wish I had a better zoom on my camera.