Foam Light Sabers - because why not foam light sabers?

Keely has a patient who has a little kid. This boy, 5 years old, loves Star Wars. Dude's a nut over Star Wars. I've never met him, but Keely tells me about how he shows off his collection of action figures and how he gushes over The Clone Wars.

I spend hours on the internet, trying to amuse myself. I came across some pictures of some foam light sabers a guy made for his kid's Star Wars themed birthday party. Heck, I can do that!

materials required: A couple pool noodles, some Duct Tape, and some electrical tape. $1.88 each for the noodles and the tape I already had. Let's get started.

The noodles are 55" long, too long for a 5-year-old to wield effectively. Cut 'em half, 28" is about the length of a good boarding cutlass, and it's good enough for this.

Silver duct tape for the handles.

Duct Tape is ~1 7/8" wide and light sabers are 2-handed weapons - 10" ought to be good for that, but 4 wraps is fine for this - he's a kid.

Electrical tape is for decoration - a few verticals . . .

. . . a few horizontals. Here's a tip: Start and stop on the verticals to hide you seams

There you go: 20 minutes of work and you get 2 Jedi swords and 2 Sith swords. I think Nerf guns would make a nice blaster.

Before anyone says "Oh, isn't Andy nice for making that little boy some toys to play with" remember what I am hoping to accomplish: Herds of little kids running around, beating the crap out of each other with pool noodles.