Andy gets a Uke
September 11, 2012

Boat building has taken me down some strange paths. I got interested in Skin-on-Frame boats, and found Dave Gentry, of Gentry Custom Boats. He has a friend, Paul H. Paul and I email back and forth a bit, trading ideas and experiences, and sign on as Facebook friends. Through FB, I find out Paul likes to make ukuleles from cigar boxes. I said "Man, that sounds neat - how does one get one of those?" Then one day . . .

The dogs are going bonkers, so I look outside. Man, that's a lot of stamps.

Neat sticker - Christmas is right around the corner.

Oh, my! Oh, man oh man oh man! That's the coolest thing I have ever seen!

It's an honest-to-Jebus cigar box!

Nautical themed, too! A lighthouse on the hat.

A ship's wheel and a ship on the box.

Oh man oh man oh man, That really is the coolest thing ever. Time for me to learn some music skills.

Darling thought it was a pretty good gift, too, she really got into the the wrapping.. Yes, that's my shirt there on the left - last seen in the laundry basket. And also yes, that is a plushy of Bo, President Obama's dog.

Hee hee hee! I am gonna abuse my friends with bad renditions of sea shanties on the ukulele.