Pizza Cups
July 2, 2012

Damn you, Internet! All I wanted to do was get some boat work done, and you had to go and show me Pizza Cups. Crap, off to the store.

Ball of frozen dough at Winco was $1.48. I had the biscuit cutter leftover from a previous experiment but had to borrow the cupcake tin. I rolled the dough out as flat as possible because I didn't want the crust to fill up the cup as it cooked.

Home made sauce from the Betty Crocker's cookbook my mom gave me as a wedding present.

Keely says I should put a layer of cheese on the bottom, then the sauce, then more cheese. She might be right.

I got one of those little softball-sized lumps of mozzarella and sliced it up.

Chopped up some extra mushroom I had laying around and put them on half.

Pepperoni, a touch more cheese, topped with a slice of pepperoni

About 20 minutes later at 400° and there you go.

Nothing special, just a different way to make pizza.