Naming and Launching the Goose
June 3, 2012

It has finally come about - time to name and launch the OozeGooze. Most of these photos were taken my Hal's wife, Loretta. And now, without further ado:

I pulled up to the "ramp" at the local scum pond. The OozeGooze is not completely finished, but it is finished enough for a naming ceremony and a splashing.

Cascade Gateway Park never fails to deliver. Between the aggressive geese and the aggressive old people and hobos, it's like a little slice of heaven here in Salem.

Geese, old people, and hobos aside, it was time to get crackin.

I got pretty good at doing lettering on this project.

Hal and David were there to help.

Oh, those are pretty sails. Because she was built in Canada, I went a wee bit overboard on the Canadian decorations.

Naming ceremonies require an offering to the gods - Full Sail Ale seemed appropriate.

Every good naming ceremony requires a silly hat to be effective. Ceremonial effectiveness requires a silly hat, really. Look at the Pope, he has the silliest hat of all. I was short on silly hats, so I borrowed a Minnie Mouse hat from my wife.

(flinging beer to the four cardinal directions) "To the waters of all gods and the god of all waters, please accept the OozeGooze 1 into the pantheon of protected boats." (pour beer over the bow) "May you give her fair winds, following seas, and protect her crew from harm." See, the words are meaningless, really. It's the booze and the hat that sells it.

Once named, we pushed her into the water.

And she floats like a beautiful cork in the water.

Can't take on passenger before testing. Even though there was no wind, she needed a test run.

Oh my effing CHRIST that's a purty boat.

Look how she sits - in even the gentlest if winds, she moved easily.

Now it's time for taking on a crew. David and Hal were eager to check the OozeGooze 1 out.

She can take more than 3, that's for sure.

I tested her with a double reef, just to make sure my jiffy system was working. It takes less than 30 seconds to reef.

Double reefed, but no netties tied.

She sits very pretty.

OK, what went right? How can we get more of that?

The OozeGoose is a gorram BIG boat for a 12 footer. Y'all are gonna love my Texas 200 write-up.