Prepping for the 2011 Everglades Challenge

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The Everglades Challenge is an endurance paddle/sailing race in Florida. It runs from Tampa Bay to Key Largo, a distance of about 300 miles which must be completed in 8 days or less. You can find out more at

These are my sailing clothes - hat and glasses, 2 shirts, 2 pair of pants, and several pair of skivvies. Everything is quick-dry nylon. I need two pair of outerwear because as the youngest guy in the boat, I'm the one who has to go over the side if the need arises.

I have one more complete set of clothing for Camp Clothes - clothes that won't be worn except if we are stopped. I included a pair of long-johns, watch cap, gloves, and socks (it can get surprisingly cold during the night in Florida in March.)

This is my food for 8 days: 5 Clif Bars and one can of Pink Salmon a day. Look, I know it sounds crazy, but it really isn't. It's 1430cal and 94g of protein, nearly complete nutrition, excellent fiber, and all without blowing out sodium or carbs. PLUS, I can carry it all with me on the plane - no futzing around in an unknown town, trying to find what I want for food. And it costs under $6 per day.

That thing under the can of salmon is a single serving of Zipfizz, a energy drink that is mixed with water. We sail all night and these things really keep me awake.

This is my sleep system - a 1.1lbs, 40° sleeping bag with a 10° insert (in the compression sack) and a mattress pad rolled inside a bivy sack.

Electronics. As much as possible, I've tried to standardize on devices that use AA batteries. The spare battery pack for my VHF radio, small Mag Light, GPS, and SPOT satellite tracker all use AAs.

The boat will have a 12V electrical system, so I have rechargers for the VHF and my waterproof cell phone.

The GPS eats AAs - it only lasts ~ 14 hours per pair - and that's using Lithiums, of which I have packed 16 plus an additional dozen regular alkalines. The head-lamp takes AAAs, but it sees very limited use, so no spares for it.

The strobe uses a single D cell, but I am hoping for very limited use of it, and so have not packed a spare.

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