In theory, a boat like the Laguna can displace 2000lbs in 7 inches of water.

In real life, the boat weighs about 475lbs, Mike and I weigh about 370lbs, we have an estimated 100lbs of gear between us, and our provisions may weigh as much as another 200lbs - call it 1200lbs just to fudge it a bit. We are well within our weight constraints - and can even pick up a couple of refugees if needed.

In theory, a displacement monohull like this Laguna has a maximum speed of just under 6.5 knots (about 7.4mph) when fully loaded.

In practice, the flat bottom allows the boat to climb up on plane and slide over the top of the water. Laguna Uno: The Lazy Dolphin (the first Laguna to hit the water) has reached speeds of 10mph and more.

Blue Laguna is sturdy, she's fast, and she's comfortable. What more can anyone ask of an adventuring boat?