The Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show is held the third weekend of every April. Sometimes the sun shines brightly and sometimes it snows. Either way, it is a blast and is one of the finest examples of a small town festival. It is free and there are lots of activities - as well as the boats.

My special thanks to Jack Brown, the planning committee, and the people of Depoe Bay for allowing me to participate as fully as I did. I truly appreciate it.

I'd also like to take a moment to thank Jim Michalak for his experience, knowledge, and effort that he put into designing the Toots rowboats we auctioned off. Jim is a fantastic designer and I heartily recommend his boats. Plans can be found on

PS: I reaffirmed something I have suspected for a while now: The sail makes the boat. That 71 square foot Chinese Lug sail caught the eye of every person at the show. Every time I looked up, someone was taking a picture of it. You can sail a horse turd and still get admiring looks if you have a spiffy sail.